Things that bug me

1. People that use a straw in a hot drink starbucks cup. And that pursed lip thing they do before suggestively wrapping their mouth around the straw.

2. People who enter an elevator before you have a chance to exit. Especially the people that wait right in front of the doors and block you in so you’re held captive and taken away to a floor you didn’t intend on visiting. 

3. Unpaid internships. More particularly, unpaid internships in which you’re expected to get up and move your car every two hours because they don’t provide parking and the only street parking within walking distance is 2 hour parking.

4. Base faces that look snotty. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THAT 

5. Girls who wear makeup at the gym. Most of the time, you’re wearing too much makeup for real life, which is a gagillian times more makeup than necessary at the gym (I draw the line at concealer for those explosive blemishes)

Top 3 Thoughts of the Day

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a thing for movies and TV shows beginning with numbers (3rd Rock From the Sun, 10 Things I Hate About You, 500 Days of Summer, 50/50) and I have a thing for JGL movies that start with numbers.

Also, of all the people who have watched 10 Things I Hate About You, am I the only one who, like JGL’s character, has a great uncle Milton? 

2. The only thing better than receiving a surprise present is to give a surprise present that you know will be adored. If Friends taught me anything, it’s that there is no selfless deed, that even the deeds that put others first still make you feel good about yourself.

3. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime ~ Mark Haddon

While the book is a fantastic look into the mind of an autistic boy, and captivates you with an intriguing mystery (who killed the dog?!) and a HUGE twist that you only slightly saw coming (no spoiler here, I wouldn’t do that to you), I only read it because I felt obligated to. As though putting the book down would make me a bad person. 

I Resolve

to do two things in 2013:

1. To find a job

2. To learn how to play the guitar 

Top 5 Thoughts of the Day

1. Call Me Maybe: yes, I’m obsessed, and yes, i understand the consequences. but I full heartedly believe that playing this song every morning is the key to having a good day

2.Coachella: To one-up all of the coachella-goers, I’m going to halt all showering activities until the end of the second weekend. I’ll be the dirtiest hipster of them all! 


3. If I could spend my days doing social media, I would (LISTEN UP EMPLOYERS — I’M HERE FOR YOU)

4. Which prom queen are you?

Brenda and Dylan

I am the Modern Classic Prom Queen

"Just like the unforgettable Brenda Walsh from the original Beverly Hills 90210, your flawlessly chic style is the envy of the school. Get those tongues wagging and be the undisputed belle of the ball in an ankle-grazing dress, expertly paired with an elegant clutch. Update your classic look with a jolt of hot color – think neon pumps and cool accessories to light up the dance floor.”


5. Instagram: If something happens and you didn’t instagram it, are you hipster?


10 Special Skills And Talents Omitted From My Resumé

inspired by Thought Catalog

  1. Will be the first to finish a meal
  2. Knows everything about the ’90s - it’s kind of her forte 
  3. Expertly quotes and recognizes dialogue from all seasons of Friends, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and the Cosby Show
  4. Is totally laid back if you pronounce her first name wrong
  5. Has grown out of her picky eating habits (for the most part)
  6. Showers daily
  7. Always down for pho
  8. Knows Will Smith’s entire rap catalog
  9. Can find an appropriate Friends scene for any circumstance 
  10. Can find an appropriate song for any circumstance 
Top 3 Thoughts of the Day

"I woke up at 5:30 this morning" edition

1. It’s currently 9:00. I’ve been awake for three and a half hours. It’s Monday morning. The music isn’t working properly. all bass. nothing else. HELP ME. I wish I had been an audio tech in another life…

2. the shift I’m working is the Explore USC check in for admitted students. It’s bizarre, it feels like ages since I first took a tour of USC (as an accepted student) and I can’t even imagine being that high school senior, the one who was too nervous about everything. Not confident enough to talk to new people, or ask for advice from current students. I’d like to think I’ve grown a lot since then, and I feel like I’ve finally found my groove. I have awesome friends, a fabulous job, a great committee and just a pretty swell life. Yay for hitting my stride.

3. The Voice is a magical show. The contestants are actually talented. The judges are ridiculous. Except for Cee-Lo. He’s definitely the normal one. Honorable mentions: Xtina’s boobs, purrfect the cat

Top 5 Thoughts of the Day

My girl Jenn brought it to my attention today that I haven’t done a top 5 in a while. And I know all three of you out there that read these miss them terribly, so here you go. Top 5 Thoughts of the Day, my life is (mostly) ’90s edition:

1. Being a constantly busy person is not for me. I need free time (to troll trumblr), I need coffee meet up times, I need lunch time… It’s overwhelming to think about all the internet goodies I’ve missed while “furthering my career” and “being productive”

2. Catch up on your ’90s slang here.

3. Check out my favorite picture encapsulating the ’90s:

'90s Mary Kate & Ashley

(via BuzzFeed)

3. My inspiration for ’90s outfit, night 1:

Outfit 1

(via BuzzFeed)

5. My inspiration for ’90s outfit, night 2:

Clarissa Pictures

(via Fashion Smashion)

Stay tuned for my totally ’90s playlist, should be coming to you live (via spotify) later this week

Top 5 Thoughts of the Day

1. Everyone deserves a sick day once in a while. Especially if your right gland is swollen and left ring toe is broken. And you have a week’s worth of television to watch. 

2. Although the junior jolt is going strong (see: year of Andrea/Penny). It certainly is draining. It’s been two weeks and I can’t seem to get into the swing of things. It took getting sick and taking a day off to catch up mentally.

3. For some reason, I just can’t seem to get “I Like the Way You Move" out of my head. The song is surely a masterpiece.

4. Interning in the music industry ROCKS. Tickets (working for a music promoter), CDs (working for a distributor) and Billboard Magazine (mysteriously showed up in my mailbox). Music Nerd Winning.

5. A tastemaker: someone who sets trends and helps determine what is deemed popular by mainstream culture. and how do you get selected as a tastemaker? Do you display a particularly unique fashion sense? Do you listen to obscure music that no one has heard (yet)? Do you appreciate abstract art more than the average person? Do you think you are particularly influential?

The label “tastemaker” is so pretentious and conceited. Who are you to consider your choices groundbreaking? Never tell someone they are a tastemaker, it leads to unfortunate pop culture decisions and trends (see: Mean Girls

Top 4 Thoughts of the Day

1. The Coachella lineup official rating: eh. Not thrilled. Too much EDM. Not enough old school awesome (no nostalgic hip hop act, a la De La Soul)

2. I’m crossing my fingers more than I’ve ever crossed hoping that the Music Box closure is only temporary. Desperately awaiting Dr. Dog, Trombone Shorty and Nada Surf (among many others I’m sure) in the near future. And waxing nostalgic over my favorite LA concerts (which all happen to have taken place at the Music Box): Raphael Saadiq and Two Door Cinema Club

3. MY CAR IS IN LA and I’m beyond nervous to be out there among the crazy LA drivers. Show some mercy, please

4. My transformation to total ’90s babe is almost complete (see: new christmas present. thank you boyfriend for fueling this slammin’ wardrobe)

Shark Freestyle Watch

Top 5 Thoughts of the Day: Resolution Edition

1. I would say read a little bit each day, but that was a resolution a while ago and just didn’t happen (I would be too tired at the end of the day, or I would rationalize that reading an online article counted, but we all knew that I explicitly meant read a part of a book/novel/memoir/something that wasn’t required for school). So, keeping these shortcomings in consideration, my new resolution is: read for fun (a book as stipulated previously) each week

2. Each year, I hope for a boyfriend (not so much a resolution, more of a wish). Now that I have one, my new resolution is: treasure the friendships and relationships I have and make a better effort to keep in touch 

3. Cut out all red meat (no exceptions, my last meal is In-N-Out on January 7th)

4. As cliche as this sounds don’t dwell on the past. Things have changed, people are different, but the present and the future hold amazing and exciting things

5. I’ve been trying really hard to stop judging others and be a more positive person. But overwhelming positivity isn’t always the answer. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that pretending everything is good isn’t a healthy way to view life. Therefore, I’m tweaking this resolution to become: always start by being nice, because starting out mean will never lead to good things

2011 brought

  • A new job (at the Earthquake Center) and some pretty cool geology field trips
  • My first summer in Los Angeles
  • Three completely different living situations (five people in a two bedroom apartment, just me in a one bedroom apartment, and two of us in the same one bedroom apartment)
  • Regal Rita #12 and the most amazing roommate a girl can ask for
  • The Best Music Industry Internship (and tons of free concerts)
  • Awesome new friends and more campus involvement in the form of Concerts Committee
  • An amazing boyfriend

and for all of these amazing things (and even the not so amazing things) I will be forever grateful